What is 301 Redirection

301 redirect is a permanent redirect through that website owner redirects old page to new permanently.

Google and other search engines also use new URL for listing. So all visitors and search engines redirect on new page. Google and other search engines also pass the 90% to 99% ranking on new URL too.

Basically 301 redirect is HTTP status code. Which is used to move the one page permanently on new page.

We can implement the 301 redirect through .htaccess or coding. In both methods we should define the OLD and New both urls.

New URL uses as a response of 301 HTTP code.

Let’s see this with an example.

If we have a website nitinmaurya.com and there is an OLD page that url is nitinmaurya.com/oldpage but now I have redesigned the website or whatever I did but new page URL has been changed nitinmaurya.com/oldpage to nitinmaurya.com/newpage. In that case we need to implement the 301 redirection.

We should avoid the chain redirection too as this will harm the SEO and this is bad for users too.