The 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Website

The overplus of free WordPress plugins area unit one among the largest reasons why WordPress is my favorite blogging platform. WordPress is additionally terribly straightforward to customise to your preferences. Blogging could be a nice selling strategy with several extra advantages and therefore the free WordPress plugins below will create it easier to push your journal.

  1.  Mailchimp

Building a mailing list is a great way to build engagement with readers. Mailchimp is my preferred email marketing product. The Mailchimp WordPress plugin enables you to embed an email sign up form on your WordPress blog. Once you start building your email list, you will have an audience to send your content or products too. A mailing list allows you to retain the audience you acquire. You can learn more about Mailchimp by watching my free video tutorial video here.


  1. Pretty Link

According to the the plug in’s developer, Pretty Link enables you to “Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. Unlike other link shrinking services like tinyurl, budurl, and, this plugin allows you to create short links coming from your own domain!” Pretty Link is great for masking affiliate links and for verbally pointing people to a certain page. For example, if you are doing a Podcast or public speaking gig, you wouldn’t want to point people to a really long complicated web address, or even tell them where to search. Make it as easy as possible for people by creating an easy to pronounce and read address.


  1. Google Analytics

According to it’s developer, “This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, adding lots of features, eg. custom variables and automatic clickout and download tracking.” Google Analytics is one of the most essential tools for anyone who is serious about blogging. It enables you to track and analyze all the traffic you get on your site so that you can tailor your future content and promotion strategies. If you use Google Analytics and WordPress, you will need this plugin.


  1. Yoast WordPress SEO

This plugin makes it easier to look engine optimize every of your journal posts. It’s one in all the foremost well-liked WordPress plugins and is very simple to use. No got to have any programming skills, or perhaps any advanced SEO data, this plugin provides a straightforward to use interface for coming into knowledge that may assist you rank higher on Google. This plugin alone is one in all the most important reasons to use WordPress rather than another blogging platform.


  1. SumoMe

SumoMe could be a useful gizmo for marketers that incorporate a sort of valuable applications. The List Builder application permits you to show a customizable pop window to viewers of your web log. The pop window could be a good way to create your email list and it integrates with Mailchimp and different email selling product The Share application is comparable to Digg Digg, however with a gouger style and you’ll select to not show what percentage times the page has been shared. you may not need to show what percentage times it’s been shared if the quantity is low (it would cause you to look unpopular). The Share application could be a good way to induce additional shares and shares ar an excellent thanks to get additional traffic.

The good Bar is comparable to a different in style blogging tool referred to as HelloBar. It permits you to form a extremely uncontrollable graphic bar at the highest of your web site. you’ll use the bar to drive email sign ups or traffic to one thing you would like to spotlight. SumoMe incorporates a few different nice applications and that they appear to be perpetually adding new ones. SumoMe could be a terribly comprehensive plugin with plenty important.